Getting Started

How do I start the process of renting a piano?

GettIng Started

Rent a Piano

Book an appointment to discuss renting a piano
  • If you decided to hire/rent one of our pianos and stool, we would like to visit your home and meet you and your partner. We would also like to see where the safest place for the piano would be.
  • An example would be on an inside wall where the other side of the wall is another room, no sun light at all and not exposed to a draft. Draftiness is what causes keys to stick.
  • These are a few things to consider when placing a piano correctly and safely. Ground floor of your home is ideal

Please note : Pianos will not be carried up flights of stairs.

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Provide required contact information

Please kindly provide us with the following details.

  • From both you and your spouse / partner or a family member, an email address for both work and home.
  • From both you and your spouse / partner or a family member, a cell phone and land line number for work and home.
  • A cell phone photograph of your ID document.                     
  • No photocopies will be accepted.
  • Also accepted is a cell phone photograph of your original certified Identity document.
  • No photocopies will be accepted.

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Startup costs and monthly piano rental payments
  • Before the piano is delivered, your start-up cost must be paid and all your contact details and ID presented and emailed.
  • Piano rental for the first month, will be billed separately to the Start Up Cost and pro-rata for the first month if your hire begins after the new month has begun.
  • Piano rental payments are due in advance, on the first day of each month.
  • Payment Reference. Please kindly make a payment reference using the number of the piano  – eg. No 01 together with your sir name
  • Payment Reference Example – (No 1 Chabalala)            This helps us to identify your payment.
Await delivery of piano

Once we have met you and your contact details and ID have been received and your Start Up Cost proof of payment has been received, then you will be contacted by Gayle, who will arrange a delivery date with you.

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Expect a call from the Piano Tuner

Following the delivery of the piano and stool, you will be contacted by the piano tuner Charles Mathebula, who will arrange a date with you for the tuning of the piano.


For any questions please dont hesitate to give us a call.

Three ways to place a piano correctly

Here are some important pointers to remember when choosing placements for a piano. Similar to people, pianos are sensitive to their environment, especially when it comes to temperature changes. Initially we would like to meet you at your home to assist you in identifying the safest room for a piano. 

1. Inside Wall Placement.

It is ideal to place the piano on an inside wall. An inside wall means that the other side of the wall is another room rather than the outside of the house. Inside walls ensure that the hired piano will keep its tune for a longer period. An ideal room is one which is in a part of the house that does not see any sun.

2. Protect From Sunshine.

Curtains or blinds are not a remedy sunny areas. Please ensure that the hired piano is not exposed to any sun whatsoever. Sun shining onto the piano will damage its surface. Rooms which have daily sun will also have frequent temperature changes which will affect the pianos ability to hold its tuning correctly. 

3. Protection From Drafts.

Be sure not to place the piano in a draft or where air flows freely. Such draftee environments cause the keys and hammer mechanism to stick. A draft also contributes to a constant temperature fluctuation causing the piano not to hold its tune correctly. One example is, placement near a door being used daily.

Flower Pots and Drinks.

Please do not place drinks or flowerpots on the piano. If liquids are spilt into the piano keys or piano action, the piano keys will not work correctly anymore since liquid affects the piano’s parts mostly because they are made of wood. No flowerpots on the piano. Water marks or rings will  mark the piano.

Picture Frames On The Piano

Feel free to place picture frames on the piano.   Firstly placing a cloth on the piano will prevent scratching.

Happy Notes from our clients

Rated 5 out of 5

We had an excellent experience renting piano from Piano Hire Emil Schneider . Emil has been reasonable, responsible and professional throughout the time we rented the piano from him. The Piano we rented was in an excellent condition when it was delivered. Emil also ensured it was tuned after delivery and we never had an issue for the 18 months or more of renting.

Aparna Shanbhag - Sandton

Rated 5 out of 5

What an exceptional experience! The piano was in excellent condition and sounded like new. My son and I really enjoyed having a piano to create special memories on. I would highly recommend Emil.

Leilah Essop

Rated 5 out of 5

My experience with Emil Schneider Piano hire has been very great. The process from ordering the piano to delivery and then the tuning of the piano was very efficient.

The price is reasonable, and the service is professional. I would recommend their service to anyone without any hesitation.

-Wendy Buthelezi (Edenvale)

Rated 5 out of 5

Emil Schneider is a real professional and piano expert.

The pianos that he is renting are in excellent condition with very reasonable rates.

His service during the rental period is very professional and always keen to help.

I sincerely recommend Emil Schneider when it comes to renting a piano & stool.

Anastasia Hatzipanis

Rated 5 out of 5

I was fortunate enough to rent a Piano from Emil, what a great experience!

The Piano that was delivered was well maintained, and sounded great! I will strongly recommend Emil Schneider and to anyone looking to rent a piano.

Stefan Swart (Fairland)

Rated 5 out of 5

I learnt to play the piano and primary school but unfortunately never have access to piano in my home. When my son, aged seven, gave even a small indication of interest in learning to play the piano I was very excited. But before signing up for lessons, I knew that having a piano at home to practice allowed him to progress and sustain his interest in learning the piano.

My husband’s family were blessed with having a piano in the home and I remember fondly Sunday mornings waking up to the sound of hymns playing. And although, none of the family members are professionally trained each of them have a song that they’ve somehow perfected over the years. This is a tradition that I hope to continue in our home.

When we decided to hire a piano, we were pleasantly surprised how affordable and easy Emil made this process for us. After an initial meeting, he assisted us in not only choosing the correct piano but also finding the right position in our home for it. In less than a week we had a piano delivered to our home, beautifully tuned and we were on our way.

We thoroughly enjoy having a piano in our home, and especially enjoy it when we hear our four-year-old practising her big brother songs.

Thank you, Emil Schneider for your great service in bringing the sound of music to home.

Odette Volmink, Greenside Johannesburg

-Odette Volmink (Greenside)

How do I get in touch?

Please call us at 083-297-3123