Monthly Piano Rental From R395,00 pm


Startup Costs


  • Your first tuning of rental piano.                Actual cost – Please kindly give us a call to enquire.
  • Piano and stool transport to your home.  Please kindly give us a call to enquire.
  • Collection of piano from your home                Please kindly give us a call to enquire.


    The minimum piano and stool rental period is twelve months.

    The minimum twelve months period piano & stool rental period is there because of the enormous savings we have made possible for you when getting started with a good quality piano & stool in your home. It makes no business sense for us to rent a piano & stool for a less than twelve months.

    The costs involved in getting the piano and stool into your home, tuned as well as collected again eventually are as follows.

    One thousand Rand delivery to your home. One thousand five hundred Rand for the first tuning & regulating of the hire piano and one thousand Rand to collect the piano after your rental notice is given – with respect of the minimum twelve month period. Your start up cost we ask from you is only -Please kindly give us a call to enquire.

    If you find that life has changed for you and you need to return the piano & stool with in the minimum twelve month period, then you will need to pay in the remaining months of the minimum twelve months period. We are doing our best to make piano rental as cheap as possible for you without forfitting our chance to succeed at making a living in these trying times.

    We are asking our customers to respect that we need to cover ourselves and manage our risk sensibly to avoid renting our lovely pianos & stool for free ultimately because thats what is adds up to inside of the minimum twelve months period . The Start Up Price of … which we request from our customers is ultimately there for customers who need a piano in their home indefinately and we want to make that as easily available to you as possible.

    We are trying very hard to make sure our service suites your budget and also keep our doors open in the wake of the pandemic.

    Yes you may continue piano & stool rental for as long as you would like following the minimum twelve month rental period. The minimum twelve months period is there to protect us from losses which can be avoided.

    Regrettably, our pianos are not for sale. Piano & stool rental only.

    We endeavour to tune the hired piano within 7 days of the piano’s arrival at the client’s premises. This time allows the piano to settle in its new environment before tuning begins.

    The “Start Up Cost “ includes delivery of one thousand Rand. Then one thousand five hundred Rand for the first tuning & regulating of the hire piano. Then one thousand Rand To collect the piano after your rental notice is given.

    After the first tuning, piano tuning will be at your own expense. Tuning should be done bi-annually.

    Piano rental during in the first month is billed separately and   pro-rata which goes according to when in the month the piano is delivered to your home.

    Accounts due for piano rental are payable on the 1st of the month.

    Giving Notice To Return the Piano & Stool

    With respect to the minimum twelve month period and from any time after the minimum twelve month period, please kindly give one calendar month of paid notice if you decide to discontinue the piano and stool rental.

    Piano Rental will increase by 10%, annually on 01 March of each new year.

    The next Piano Rental  increase of 10%, will be on 01 March 2022.

    What piano brands are available?

    Contract Terms

    No contract to sign. No debit order to commit to.

    Please kindly give a calendar month of notice when returning the piano & stool. Minimum term of contract is 6 months.

    A 30/31 day calendar month of notice, would be the following (01 Month to 30/31 Month)

    All we ask is a calendar month of paid notice when returning our beautiful, high quality piano and stool. A piano inspection must be done before the piano is delivered back in Linden Randburg.

    Payment Information

    Payments are due on or before the 1st of each month. Payment can be made in advance, if more convenient. 30 days’ paid notice is required for termination of piano hire. Please kindly put the Piano Number and your surname as reference of payment. See pricing menu for further information about cost.

    How do I get in touch?

    Please call 083-297-3123