Monthly Piano Rental From R350,00 pm


Startup Costs


  • Tuning of the rental piano  by piano tuner.
R 0000.00
  • Piano and stool transport – Johannesburg.
R   818.00
  • Piano rental billed pro-rata after delivery


    We endeavour to tune the hired piano within 7 days of the piano’s arrival at the client’s premises. This time allows the piano to settle in its new environment before tuning begins.

    The “Start Up Cost “  includes delivery & first tuning.

    Piano rental during in the first month is billed seperately and   pro-rata.

    Accounts due for piano rental are payable on the 1st of the month.

    The minimum piano and stool rental period is six months.

    Please kindly give one calander month of paid notice if you decide to discontinue the piano and stool rental.

    Piano Rental will increase by 10%, annually from 01 March 2021.

    What piano brands are available?

    Contract Terms

    No contract to sign. No debit order to commit to.

    Please kindly give a calendar month of notice when returning the piano & stool. Minimum term of contract is 6 months.

    A 30/31 day calendar month of notice, would be the following (01 Month to 30/31 Month)

    All we ask is a calendar month of paid notice when returning our beautiful, high quality piano and stool. A piano inspection must be done before the piano is delivered back in Linden Randburg.

    Payment Information

    Payments are due on or before the 1st of each month. Payment can be made in advance, if more convenient. 30 days’ paid notice is required for termination of piano hire. Please kindly put the Piano Number and your surname as reference of payment. See pricing menu for further information about cost.

    How do I get in touch?

    Please call 083-297-3123 or complete this form and we will get back to you:

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