Piano Rental Johannesburg

Having a beautiful piano in your home is a music lover’s dream.

Finding an upright piano of superb quality which suites your taste and 

level of skill is a potentially difficult task we have made easy.

Piano Hire

Simple Hire Process

At Piano Hire we are dedicated to presenting you the with the right Piano & stool for your Rental requirements. We offer a comprehensive delivery and collection procedure and fair rental terms.

Quality Piano Hire

Our upright pianos are aesthetically appealing, well maintained and of excellent quality with tight pins ensuring that the piano is able to hold its tune correctly. Such is an indication of a quality piano.

Regrettably, our rental pianos are not for sale. Piano rental only.

What makes our pianos superior?

It takes a trained eye to identify a good quality piano. With years of experience we work to assist you, providing a piano of superb quality. The qualities we offer are, tight pins ensuring the piano holds its tune correctly, a well maintained piano action and aesthetical appeal all of which the music student will come to appreciate as they develop their piano playing skills.

Our carefully selected Pianos have “Tight pins.” This means that the piano strings, which are held with pins inside the pianos “pin block”, are indeed being held very tightly. This ensures the piano which has been placed in a cool room and on an inside wall, will hold its tune correctly. Tight pins is where one aspect of real quality lies and can be difficult to find.

Our pianos as have good quality sound. What this means is, the tonal spectrum will vary in accordance to whether the piano is standing on a carpet or a wooden floor, or indeed both. No matter the surface a piano stands on, the tonal quality of our pianos is excellent. Our piano stools are firm and of the correct height and accompany each piano we rent.

What about our piano brands?

What piano brands are available?

How soon can you receive a piano?

Three to five working days is the delivery time frame once we have received

your requirements found on the “Getting Started page.

Or just give us a call and we will be glad to give you any information you need.

Happy notes from our clients

Rated 5 out of 5

Emil Schneider is a real professional and piano expert.
The pianos that he is renting are in excellent condition with very reasonable rates.
His service during the rental period is very professional and always keen to help.
I sincerely recommend Emil Schneider when it comes to renting a piano & stool.

Anastasia Hatzipanis

Rated 5 out of 5

My experience with Emil Schneider Piano hire has been very great. The process from ordering the piano to delivery and then the tuning of the piano was very efficient.
The price is reasonable, and the service is professional. I would recommend their service to anyone without any hesitation.

-Wendy Buthelezi (Edenvale)
Rated 5 out of 5

I was fortunate enough to rent a Piano from Emil, what a great experience!
The Piano that was delivered was well maintained, and sounded great! I will strongly recommend Emil Schneider and pianohire.net to anyone looking to rent a piano.

Stefan Swart (Fairland)
Rated 5 out of 5

I learnt to play the piano and primary school but unfortunately never have access to piano in my home. When my son, aged seven, gave even a small indication of interest in learning to play the piano I was very excited. But before signing up for lessons, I knew that having a piano at home to practice allowed him to progress and sustain his interest in learning the piano.
My husband’s family were blessed with having a piano in the home and I remember fondly Sunday mornings waking up to the sound of hymns playing. And although, none of the family members are professionally trained each of them have a song that they’ve somehow perfected over the years. This is a tradition that I hope to continue in our home.
When we decided to hire a piano, we were pleasantly surprised how affordable and easy Emil made this process for us. After an initial meeting, he assisted us in not only choosing the correct piano but also finding the right position in our home for it. In less than a week we had a piano delivered to our home, beautifully tuned and we were on our way.
We thoroughly enjoy having a piano in our home, and especially enjoy it when we hear our four-year-old practising her big brother songs.
Thank you, Emil Schneider for your great service in bringing the sound of music to home.
Odette Volmink, Greenside Johannesburg

-Odette Volmink (Greenside)
Rated 5 out of 5

The entire process of hiring a piano was so easy and seamless. It was so professional to the point that after delivery and correct placement of the piano, a piano tuner then comes to ensure that the piano is optimally tuned again, after delivery. The sound achieved by that personal tuning in the room was beautiful. Would definitely recommend Emil Schneider Piano Hire to anyone looking to begin piano, keep practicing or rekindle an old hobby.

-Dr Faraha Moti (Houghton)

We supply quality upright pianos to Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton and surrounding towns.